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The app does not require taking photos, you see the fit on-screen which allows you to inspect the model from different angles.

How it works

A unique AR algorithm allows the real-time fitting of sunglasses.
It estimates how glasses will look on each face based on the real eyewear measurements.


Загрузите две фотографии очков

- Try on different glasses with AR - Choose your model * Proceed to Amazon through «Buy» button to purchase your ideal sunglasses.
 Simple as that!

3 reasons to use IDEOFIT

  • You won’t waste time on shopping

  • You can try a variety of glasses in just a minute

  • You can easily share how glasses fit on you with friends

About us

The team behind IDEOFIT has a long-lasting experience in developing apps using the AR technology. Now, we are excited to introduce our new product!

We are looking forward to your feedback!